11.7.2018 Release Notes

Waterford will release an automatic software update on November 7, 2018. See what’s in this release in the list below. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help!


Waterford Reading Playlists in Classroom Advantage

Affects: Classroom Advantage

We released 1,274 new playlists in Classroom Advantage that correspond to Waterford Reading goals. They can be used on an individual, small group, or classroom level as well as for academic instruction, remediation, or intervention.

Until this update, teachers could organize their own playlists but had no pre-built sets in Classroom Advantage. These playlists are pre-loaded in the system and organized by instructional strand, sub-strand, and objective in the Waterford Manager.

All Waterford Reading playlists are read-only and cannot be edited or deleted. Teachers do not need to download these new playlists, as they will be added automatically to their account. If you have a playlist with the same name as our pre-set playlists, it will be renamed with a suffix.

New Mobile App: Waterford Mentor

Affects: SmartStart, Waterford Early Learning

We released Waterford Mentor, a new companion app for Waterford Early Learning and SmartStart, in the Apple and Android stores. It allows parents or caregivers to sync with a student’s account and view their program usage, recent achievements, and progress towards their subject goals.

As of right now, Mentor is currently in the early access stage. If you are interested in using Mentor in your school or classroom, you can request early access here.

App features include:

  • Shows Waterford Early Learning or SmartStart weekly usage
  • Provides usage breakdown by subject area
  • Denotes whether student is on track for the week
  • Displays academic achievements earned by student

After downloading the app, caregivers will need a code from their student’s teacher to access the app to connect with their student’s account.

Additional Waterford Early Learning Teacher Materials

Affects: Waterford Early Learning, SmartStart

We added new downloadable materials to Waterford Early Learning and SmartStart. Teachers can now download the following materials for their students:

  • 20 Social and Emotional newsletters added to Smart Start > Teacher Materials tab
  • 39 books added to the Teacher Materials tab, which can be downloaded in pdf format

We also replaced three SmartStart Teacher Guides that had incorrect page numbers:

  • SmartStart Teacher Guide- Introduction
  • SmartStart Teacher Guide- Unit 3 Week 3
  • SmartStart Teacher Guide- Unit 3 Week 4

New Student Statuses

Affects: Dashboards

To help teachers keep track of their students’ academic goals, we activated theStudent Status column on the dashboard. Based on their progress towards said goals, students will be sorted into one of the following four categories:

  • On Track: student is projected to reach their goal by the goal period
  • Needs Teacher Action: student is not projected to meet their goal by the goal period
  • Catching Up: student was not projected to meet their goal but has taken an action to get back On Track
  • Surpassing Goal (coming soon): student is projected to exceed their goal by the goal period

On the school and district levels, you can also view the percentage of students in each of the four categories.

Projected Completion Line

Affects: Dashboards

We also added a new line to student report charts in the dashboard: Projected Completion.

At the beginning of the school year, each student is given a level goal based on their grade. If a student is on track to reach their goal, their projection line will be in green. If a student is not projected to reach their goal, the line will turn red.

The Projected Completion line will also affect the calculation of student statuses. If a student’s line falls below projection to reach their goal, their status will turn to Needs Teacher Action. Once the teacher makes an adjustment to the student’s goal level or the student’s usage goals, the status for the student will change to Catching Up.