Licenses are assigned per student for SmartStart PreK, Waterford Reading and Waterford Math and Science. For Classroom Advantage, licenses are assigned per teacher in Staff. Once a license is assigned to a student or teacher, it is considered In Use.


A teacher or administrator adds a course through the Students tab. If a license is available, the course is assigned and the student can begin running sessions. If there are no licenses available, the teacher will see the following error message:

no license


In Settings, you make changes that affect your account:

  • Change your account level
  • Assign licenses
  • Set the start date of your school year
  • Set usage goals
  • Reset your account for a new school year
  • Configure media servers
    This may not apply to all users.
  • Set up and sync Clever
    This may not apply to all users.

To access settings, log in as administrator and click Settings in the top right.


Edit staff accounts: Change access level

A user’s access level determines which students the user can see and edit in the Students and Reports tabs. You can change access levels only for staff members with the role of School Administrator or Teacher.

  1. Click Staff.
  2. Select a staff member from the list.
  3. Under Access Level, select a school.
  4. If you want to restrict access to a specific class, select a class.
    You can give a teacher access to multiple classes. Click Add class and select another class.
  5. To remove access to a class, click Remove.
  6. Click Save.

Edit staff accounts: Change username and password

Administrators can change usernames and passwords for all staff members. The staff member does not receive a notification if this happens, so make sure to let him or her know.

This is especially important if you are changing a user’s username. If users do not know their username, they cannot reset their password.
  1. Click Staff.
  2. Select a staff member from the list.
  3. To change a username, enter a new username in the Username field.
  4. To change a password, click Change password and enter the password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  5. Click Save.
    The next time the staff member logs in, he or she will be asked to create a new password and set a new security question and answer.

Set up home access: Add birthdays to student accounts

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Expand the student’s class and select the student.
  3. Place the cursor in the Birthday text field. A calendar will appear.
    You can either type in the date or select it from the calendar. Most date formats will work, for example: 1/1/2012; Jan 1, 2012; or 01 Jan 2012.
  4. Click Save.
    The parent uses the student’s birthday to validate the account and reset the password. Please make sure the birthday is accurate.

Enable home access for schools and classes

  1. Log in as an administrator.
    Teachers cannot change home access settings.
  2. Click Students.
  3. Select a district.
    Home access can also be enabled at school or class levels.
  4. Check the box for one or more schools.
  5. Click Enable Home Access.
    A message box may appear prompting you to enter any missing student email addresses and birthdays. Enter the missing information and click Update.

Home access can be disabled for a school or class any time by checking the box for the school or class for which you want to turn off home access and then clicking Disable Home Access.

Assign Classroom Advantage Licenses

Classroom Advantage licenses must be assigned to a teacher before he or she can create playlists and use the Teacher App. You can assign Classroom Advantage licenses three ways: while editing a staff account, creating a staff account or in the staff licenses pages.


To add a license while creating a staff account:

  1. Follow the steps to add a new staff account.
  2. During step 4, under Product Licenses, check the box next to and/or .
    Administrator users cannot be assigned Classroom Advantage licenses. This feature is only available for teachers.

To add a license while editing or creating a staff account:

  1. Go to Staff.
  2. In the left menu, select the teacher’s school.
  3. Select the teacher.
    Administrator users cannot be assigned Classroom Advantage licenses. This feature is only available for teachers.
  4. Under Product Licenses, check the box next to and/or .
  5. Click Save.

Go to the staff licenses page to add a license to many staff accounts at once or to view assigned licenses.

  1. Go to Staff.
  2. In the left menu, select a school.
    If you skip this step, the table will display all teacher accounts in the district, which may be several pages long.
  3. Above the staff table, click Licenses.
    staff licences
    Even though the school is no longer highlighted, only teachers in the school you selected in the previous step are displayed. To view teachers in another school or district, select it in the menu. This will switch you back to Staff List, so you will need to click Licenses again.
  4. Check the boxes next to the Classroom Advantage license you want assigned to a staff account. If you want to assign Classroom Advantages to all staff, check the boxes in the header.
    You can also use this page to unassign staff licenses. Simply uncheck the box to remove the license.
  5. Click Save.