Add Classes

Administrators can create classes for any school in the district. Teachers may only create classes if their access level for the school is set to All. Only an administrator can change a teacher’s access level. Learn more about changing access levels here.

If you are an administrator, you can use the student import to create classes. Learn more.
  1. Go to Students.
  2. In the left menu, select a school.
  3. Click Create Class.
  4. Enter the information.
    Leave the SIS ID and SIS Name fields blank. These fields are for users that sync their data using Clever.
  5. Click Save or, if you want to continue adding classes, Save and New.

User Roles and Access

There are three roles in the Waterford Manager: district administrator, school administrator and teacher.

  1. District administrators have access to the entire account, including all schools, students and staff. Administrators can override student placement in the curriculum and only administrators have access to the Staff tab and Settings.
  2. School administrators are limited to just the school he or she is assigned. They can add staff, students, classes, assign licenses and perform the same administrative operations as a district administrator—just for one school, rather than a whole district.
  3. Teachers only see students within a school. They do not have the Staff tab, Settings or the ability to override student placement in the curriculum. Teachers are assigned an Access Level in their user profile. This determines what the teacher sees in the Student and Reports tabs. Teachers must be assigned to a school. Choose the school in the dropdown menu under Access Level. Generally, we recommend that you keep the Class access level to All. This means the teacher will see all classes and students at the school. If you want to limit a teacher to only see students in a specific class or classes, you can select the class in the Access Level dropdown menu. If you assign a teacher to a class, that teacher cannot create new classes.

Computer Literacy: Number Keys

Use this lesson to help introduce your students to the number keys.

Though a 10-key number pad is not required to use our software, several activities in Waterford Early Learning’s first and second grade math curriculum encourage students to use the keypad in speed-based games. The Number Keys lesson helps student practice using the 10-key number pad or the number bar.