SmartStart Introduction for Teachers

SmartStart and Waterford Early Learning both use the same manager to add students, manage curriculum, and access Classroom Advantage. Both courses are available for students to use on an iPad and a laptop or desktop computer. Use the other guides in the help for instructions on using the manager, or follow the links below:

Home Access

You may not post or distribute links or shortcuts from the manager, Student App, or parent manager to external sites or parties. Doing so is in direct violation of the license agreement.

Prepare Accounts for Home Access
Home Access must be enabled in the Waterford Manager by an administrator. When Home Access is enabled, parents automatically receive an email with a unique URL assigned to their child and setup instructions. For Home Access to work, it is required that teacher and student user accounts include email addresses, and that student accounts include an accurate birth date.

Find more details in the Home Access section of the School Manager for Administrators guide.

To access the Student Portal at home, the parent or guardian will be given these instructions, which are also included in the Home Access email. You can also download and print parent instructions here.


Teacher Materials

Teacher materials include classroom resources like worksheets, printable masters, audio clips, classroom activity ideas, and newsletters.

To find Teacher Materials

  1. Go to Curriculum.
  2. Click Search.
  3. In the search results table, click the Teacher Materials tab.
    teacher materials
    Use the same search tips for finding online activities.
  • Teacher Materials for Waterford Reading and Waterford Math & Science are currently organized according by Common Core standard. You can use the Level and Standards search filters, but at this time you cannot use keyword search or any other search filters.
  • Teacher Materials for SmartStart PreK complement lessons and activities from the SmartStart Teacher Guide and SmartStart Activity Library.

Create a Blank Curriculet

If you’d rather use your own curriculet instead of a pre-built one, you can make one for digital and external texts. To create a blank curriculet:

  1. Go to your Library.
  2. Click on the book you’d like to make a curriculet for.

    Note: If you don’t see the book in your library, see “Add Curriculets to Library.” (will link to post here)
  3. Select Add Curriculet.
  4. Click the Create New button, then click Next to confirm your choice.

  5. Fill the new curriculet details into the accompanying form.
  6. Select whether your students will read the text On Curriculet or Externally.
  7. Click Next to confirm your choice and upload the new curriculet into your Library.

You have now created a blank curriculet and can edit it as needed.


Assign an Existing Curriculet

Assigning curriculets allows your class to access the curriculet text and digital copy of the book (if applicable). To assign a curriculet to your class:

  1. Go to your Library.
  2. Click on the book you’d like to assign.
    Note: The curriculet must be a part of your library before you can assign it.
  3. Select Assign to Class.

  4. Choose the class(es) you’d like to assign the curriculet from the dropdown window.

Your class(es) can now access the curriculet!