3.9 Release Notes

Waterford released an automatic software update on August 2, 2017. See what’s in this release in the list below. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help!

Updates to Note

Curriculet External Reader and New Texts: Welcome to all our new Curriculet customers! This release launches Curriculet, Waterford’s new independent reading program for grades 3-12. It includes two main updates to our beta version of Curriculet:

  • External Reader: The external reader allows you to read texts outside of Curriculet eReader—in print, via audiobook or on another digital reader—and then log in to access curriculet checkpoints for that text.
  • New texts: This release adds about 400 new books with curriculets from publishing partner Harper Collins.
Curriculet’s external reader lets students access Curriculet’s curriculum to use alongside a print book or external digital or audio text.

Native Language Support: This new feature adds native language support for Spanish-speaking students in SmartStart and Level 1 of Waterford Early Learning’s reading program. Students for whom native language support is enabled hear Waterford activities in English first, and then get repeat instruction in Spanish and English. Administrators can enable native language support in the Waterford Manager.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Click on “English Language Learners.”
  • Click the toggle to “on” to enable native language support.

This enables native language support for any student whose primary language is set to Spanish in their student profile. To change a student’s primary language:

  • Go to “Students” – “School” – “Class” – “Student”
  • In the info tab under the student profile, go to “Primary Language” and select Spanish.


SmartStart Teacher Materials: New SmartStart teacher materials are available in the Waterford Manager. Go to the SmartStart “Curriculum” tab and click on “Search.” Filter your program by “SmartStart PreK” and “Activity Type” to see new materials, including.

  • Downloadable PDF versions of the SmartStart book set
  • An updated version of the Volume 1, Teacher Guide, including Units 1-3 (or the first 12 weeks) of classroom instruction—now, in a downloadable PDF format.

New Import Template: There is a new student import template in the Waterford Manager. Be sure to use this most recent version when you add students for the new school year.

New Student Profile Indicator: You can now add a student’s “Household Status” under their student profile. Options include foster, military, homeless and other designations. 


As always, please contact support if you have questions or need assistance!