Use Waterford Reading Playlists

Classroom Advantage provides over 1,200 pre-built playlists that correspond to Waterford Reading goals. They can be used on an individual, small group, or classroom level as well as for academic instruction, remediation, or intervention.

These playlists are pre-loaded in the Classroom Advantage system and organized by instructional strand, sub-strand, and objective in your Waterford Manager.

Export a Playlist

You can export a single or multiple playlists. When you export multiple playlists, all the playlists are exported to the same file. When a file with multiple playlists is imported, the playlists import individually and maintain the original file structure.

  1. Click Curriculum and go to Playlists.
  2. Click the check box(es) next to the playlist(s) you want to export.
    Once you select a playlist, the option to select all your playlists—not just the playlists shown on-screen—appears. If you wish to export all of your playlists, click Select all 42. (The number will be different depending on how many total playlists you have created.)

    select all
  3. Click Export Playlists. The file is automatically saved to your downloads.

Edit and Organize Playlists

Use Waterford Manager to reorder and remove activities from playlists:

  1. Click Curriculum.
  2. Go to Playlists.
  3. Select the playlist you want to manage.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the activity you want to move or delete.
  5. Use Move Up and Move Down to reorder the activities.
  6. Click Delete Activity to remove it from the playlist.

Use the Waterford Manager to edit the playlist folder, playlist name and descriptions:

  1. Click Curriculum.
  2. Go to Playlists.
  3. Select the playlist folder or playlist you want to manage.
    The manager defaults to the Activity List page.
  4. Click Info.
  5. Click in the text fields to edit Playlist Folder Name, Playlist Name and Notes.
  6. Click Save.