Set up home access: Add birthdays to student accounts

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Expand the student’s class and select the student.
  3. Place the cursor in the Birthday text field. A calendar will appear.
    You can either type in the date or select it from the calendar. Most date formats will work, for example: 1/1/2012; Jan 1, 2012; or 01 Jan 2012.
  4. Click Save.
    The parent uses the student’s birthday to validate the account and reset the password. Please make sure the birthday is accurate.

Enable home access for schools and classes

  1. Log in as an administrator.
    Teachers cannot change home access settings.
  2. Click Students.
  3. Select a district.
    Home access can also be enabled at school or class levels.
  4. Check the box for one or more schools.
  5. Click Enable Home Access.
    A message box may appear prompting you to enter any missing student email addresses and birthdays. Enter the missing information and click Update.

Home access can be disabled for a school or class any time by checking the box for the school or class for which you want to turn off home access and then clicking Disable Home Access.

Home Access

You may not post or distribute links or shortcuts from the manager, Student App, or parent manager to external sites or parties. Doing so is in direct violation of the license agreement.

Prepare Accounts for Home Access
Home Access must be enabled in the Waterford Manager by an administrator. When Home Access is enabled, parents automatically receive an email with a unique URL assigned to their child and setup instructions. For Home Access to work, it is required that teacher and student user accounts include email addresses, and that student accounts include an accurate birth date.

Find more details in the Home Access section of the School Manager for Administrators guide.

To access the Student Portal at home, the parent or guardian will be given these instructions, which are also included in the Home Access email. You can also download and print parent instructions here.