Licenses are assigned per student for SmartStart PreK, Waterford Reading and Waterford Math and Science. For Classroom Advantage, licenses are assigned per teacher in Staff. Once a license is assigned to a student or teacher, it is considered In Use.


A teacher or administrator adds a course through the Students tab. If a license is available, the course is assigned and the student can begin running sessions. If there are no licenses available, the teacher will see the following error message:

no license


In Settings, you make changes that affect your account:

  • Change your account level
  • Assign licenses
  • Set the start date of your school year
  • Set usage goals
  • Reset your account for a new school year
  • Configure media servers
    This may not apply to all users.
  • Set up and sync Clever
    This may not apply to all users.

To access settings, log in as administrator and click Settings in the top right.