Limit sessions at home

You can limit the total number of sessions a student can play at home per day. In order to do this, your students must be assigned Home Access first, which can only be done by an administrator.

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Select your class.
  3. Click Courses.
  4. In the table, click the box under Sessions at Home.
  5. Make your changes. Once you click away from the box, the Save button will activate.
    Students can have up to 8 home sessions assigned.
  6. Click Save.

The number of sessions at home is for each course. This means that if a student is assigned Waterford Reading and Waterford Math & Science and his or her sessions at home is set to 2, he or she can play four total sessions at home: two for Waterford Reading and two for Waterford Math & Science.



Resend home access email

When an administrator turns on home access, parents automatically receive an email with a link to the Student Portal. If a parent needs you to resend the home access email, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Select your class.
  3. Click More.
    student-more off
  4. Check the box next the student.
  5. Click Resend Email.

If the parent has not received the email, verify the email address in the student’s account:

  1. Go to Students.
  2. Under the class, select the student.
  3. In the Student Info page, verify the email listed in Contact Email.

If the parent still does not receive the email, contact Customer Support.

Home Access

Home Access allows students to run sessions at home. Only an administrator’s account can turn on or turn off home access. Parents are emailed a link where they can access an individual student portal for their child.

  • At this time, students can only run home sessions on a laptop or desktop computer.

Use progress reports to see how much time your student spends running sessions at home. Read the Reports guide for more information.