Area of Difficulty Reports

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select your class
    If you want an individual area of difficulty report, select the check box next a student’s name.
  3. Click Area of Difficulty
  4. Select your report options
  5. Click Generate
  • Area of Difficulty reports contain data from the last 45 days.
  • Objectives only appear on the area of difficulty reports if the student scores below the mastery target score. The mastery varies for each objective and will be displayed in the Required Score field. Look under Last Score to view each student’s most recent score.
  • Last Attempt shows when the student last played an objective. Many skills are assessed in multiple objectives. Students will often have another chance to master objectives, after playing some additional instructional activities.
  • Waterford SmartStart reports are color coded by domain in order to match the SmartStart Activity Library. If your class or students are having difficulty with a particular domain, go to the matching section in the Activity Library for additional whole-class and center-based activities to supplement the online curriculum.