Computer Literacy: Number Keys

Use this lesson to help introduce your students to the number keys.

Though a 10-key number pad is not required to use our software, several activities in Waterford Early Learning’s first and second grade math curriculum encourage students to use the keypad in speed-based games. The Number Keys lesson helps student practice using the 10-key number pad or the number bar.

Set up student portal on iPad

Setup only needs to be performed once. After initial setup, the app will open directly to your school or classroom walk-up.

  1. In the iTunes App Store, find and install Waterford Early Learning.
    You must have iPad with iOS 8 installed and at least 1GB RAM.
  2. Log in to Waterford Manager on your computer.
  3. In Students, click the green Student App Scan QR Code button for iPad.
    This will open a QR code on your screen.
  4. Return to your iPad and open Waterford Early Learning.
    A start screen appears the first time you open the app.
  5. Point your iPad at the QR code on your computer screen and tap Start.
    This will open a QR Code scanner. The QR code will scan automatically.
  6. Open Waterford Early Learning Student App on your iPad.

The walk-up is now ready for students to use. Now each time you open the app, it will open directly to the walk-up.ipad_instruction_graphic-01 (2)

End a Session in a Browser

When the session ends, the Student Portal returns to the class or school page.

The session will wait for the student to complete the current activity before ending.

If you have Class Rotation turned on, the Student Portal will automatically select the next student instead of returning to the class or school page. Learn more about Class Rotation in the Manager for Teachers Guide.

To end a session early, click Back on the browser window.

Start a Session in a Browser

These steps will be completed by the student.

  1. Open an internet browser window.
    We highly recommend you use Google Chrome.
  2. Click the school or class bookmark.
  3. Select your class, then student.
    If you created a class bookmark, you only need to select the student.
  4. Verify that you clicked the correct student button.
    Select a product.
    Use Pause and Play to stop and resume a session.