Teacher Guide

If you are looking for the SmartStart Teacher Guides with daily lesson plans and activities, follow the instructions below. If you are looking for instructions for using the Waterford Manager, continue reading this guide, or use the search box on the left to find help on a specific topic.

  1. Log in to Waterford Manager.
  2. Click Curriculum.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Below the search options, select the Teacher Materials tab.
  5. In the search options, under Program, select SmartStart.
  6. Under Activity Type, select Teacher Guide.  Links to the teacher guides will appear in the Teacher Materials tab.

To download a teacher guide, check the box next to one or more guides. Click Download. A pdf file will download.


Waterford Dashboards give administrators and teachers quick, visual insight into how much their district, schools, classes or individual students are using Waterford. With dashboards, it’s easy to see how a group or individual is progressing through the curriculum and if they are meeting goals. Filters allow you to sort by date range, grade level, curriculum and more.

To access dashboards, log in to the Waterford Manager. Click on the Dashboards icon on the main manager page. On your first visit, you will be prompted to “Take a Tour” of this Help Site section.

Click here to view an introductory webinar about Waterford dashboards.


The filter dropdown list in the upper left of the page lets you filter your dashboard to show only the information you want. Select “Clear All,” “Apply,” or “Cancel” to exit the Filters dropdown.

  • Curriculum – Select the Waterford curriculum you want to see dashboard results for. You can only select one of these at a time.
  • Grade Levels – Select the grade level you want to see results for. You can select one grade at a time. “Other” shows results for students outside of the standard grade levels.
  • Schools – Search for or select the school(s) you would like to see dashboard results for.
  • Other
    • Show non-usage students – Click this box to include students in the dashboard results who are on your roster, but have not used the program during the selected date range.
    • Show completed students – Click this box to include students in dashboard results who have completed all levels of the curriculum.
  • Date Range – Select from one of the pre-set date ranges—year to date, last 30 days, last 14 days, last week or yesterday—or set your own custom date range to filter dashboard results.

Breadcrumb Navigation

A breadcrumb trail will build along the top of the page as you click further into the dashboards (i.e. Rocking School District >> Ramone Elementary (School) >> Ms. Stevie (Class) >> Debbie Gibson (Student)). You can easily navigate back by clicking on any item in the list.

Curriculum List

The navigation list across the top is a quick access filter to allow you to switch easily between dashboards for three curriculum products: Waterford Early Learning Reading, Waterford Early Learning Math & Science, and SmartStart. Click on any product name to see dashboard data for that product.

Usage Goals

Enter a number of days per week and minutes per day for each curriculum and grade level to set a usage goal for your dashboards. Minutes per day can not be less than 12.

Check the “Apply Waterford Recommendations for All” box under each curriculum to see and/or automatically set Waterford’s recommend goals per grade.

If you do not set a custom goal, your reports and dashboards will automatically default to the Waterford recommended goal for each grade.