Signing Up for Waterford Mentor

Before you can view your students’ progress, you must first create a Waterford Mentor account. You can create a Waterford account with your email address or associate a new account with Apple ID or Google.

Creating an Account

To create a Waterford Mentor account with your email address:

  1. Visit the Waterford Mentor login page (
  2. Select Sign Up.
  3. Enter your email and new account password, then select Submit. Waterford will then send you a confirmation link through email to confirm your identity.
  4. Click on the confirmation link to create your account.

Signing Up with Google or Apple

Instead of creating a username and password, you can link your account to your Google or Apple ID. To associate your account with Apple or Google:

  1. Visit the Waterford Mentor login page (
  2. Choose Apple or Google from the login screen.
  3. Fill in your account details for either Apple or Google.
Waterford Mentor will not connect your Apple and Google accounts, even if they have the same email address. You will need to choose one or the other to associate with your account.
As of 2022, Waterford Mentor accounts can no longer be associated with Facebook.

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