Administrator-Level Dashboards

Accessing Dashboards

To view a student or classroom dashboard in Waterford Reading Academy, log into your account and click on the Dashboards tab.

All dashboards are filtered by curriculum (Early Reading, Early Math & Science, Curriculet, Assessments, SmartStart) and view (Students or Classroom).

Classroom dashboards are updated every two weeks, and student dashboards are updated weekly.

Classroom Dashboards

Classroom dashboards are available for: 

  • Early Reading 
  • Early Math and Science
  • SmartStart 
Classroom Dashboards for SmartStart, Early Reading, and Early Math & Science

Classroom dashboards for SmartStart, Early Reading, and Early Math & Science display the following information:

  • Percentage of students in each status (Surpassing Goal, On Track, Need Action, or Action Taken)
  • Percentage of objectives mastered by class

By clicking on the button above the top right corner of the dashboard, you can End All Sessions or Log Out All Students from Waterford programs.

Student Dashboards

To view student-level dashboards, visit the Dashboards tab and select Student from the View options in the left hand menu.

Student dashboards are separated into three tabs:

  • Summary
  • Progress Graph
  • Completion and Scores

Summary displays an individual’s daily and weekly usage, objectives completed, and progression towards their end-of-term goals.

The Progress Graph displays the Level Goal progress for the student over time based on their starting location. You can view the following information on graph like the one below:

  • Actual Completion: the student’s history of progress toward their goal
  • Projected Completion: the student’s projected progress toward their goal (if the student is projected to reach their goal, the line will be green; if not, it will turn red)
  • Level Goal: the student’s academic goal for the selected time period
  • Expected Level: the expected progression rate for their grade level
  • On Track Zone: the range in which a student will still be considered on track for their set goal (displayed in green)
  • Placement: student’s placement score at the beginning of the selected time period

Completion and Goals shows how well a student is mastering essential academic skills in their Waterford courses. The blue horizontal bars display the student’s academic level, and the green vertical line marks the student’s Level Goal. You can hover over any academic skill section to view more information.

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