Course Completion Dashboard

This section displays the Level Goal progress for the student over time based on their starting location. You can view either the Current Year or Total Progress. The information in this section is updated on Monday every two weeks, except for Needs Teacher Action, which is updated within one to two hours.

You can view the following Course Completion information on a visual chart:

  • Actual Completion: the student’s history of progress toward their goal
  • Projected Completion: the student’s projected progress toward their goal. If the student is projected to reach their goal, the line will be green. If not, it will turn red
The Projected Completion line will affect the calculation of student statuses.
  • Level Goal: the student’s academic goal for the selected time period
  • Expected Level: the expected progression rate for their grade level
  • Student Status: the student’s current academic standing within the following four categories:
    • On Track: the student is projected to reach their goal by the end of the goal period
    • Action Taken: teacher has made an adjustment to the student’s goal in order to get back On Track
    • Needs Action: the student is not projected to reach their goal by the end of the goal period, and the teacher needs to make adjustments to the student’s usage or level goal
    • Surpassing Goal: the student is projected to exceed their goal by the end of the goal period
  • On Track Zone: the range in which a student will still be considered On Track for their set goal (displayed in green)
  • Placement: student’s placement score at the beginning of the selected time period

If the student takes Placement a second time in the year, the progress line will adjust based on the new Placement score and be denoted on the line with a grey dot.

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