Introduction to Waterford Early Learning: SmartStart

To support educational settings that focus on play-based or whole-child practices before school, Waterford Reading Academy includes an alternate sequence called Waterford Early Learning: SmartStart where select online activities in reading, math, science, and social-emotional development are blended to fit within one 15-minute session per day. recommends that students age 4 and above use this software alongside positive parent-family interactions and a strong interdisciplinary classroom instruction.

Waterford Early Learning: SmartStart uses many of the same features as Waterford Early Learning, our elementary school program, including:

  • Waterford Manager
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Classroom Presentation Mode
  • Student Portal

If you'd like a PDF of the WEL: SmartStart Help Guide to download or print, click here.

WEL: SmartStart vs. Waterford UPSTART

WEL: SmartStart is similar to Waterford UPSTART in that both teach PreK students essential school readiness skills. Waterford UPSTART uses an adaptive software sequencer to individualize instruction while WEL: SmartStart follows a linear approach, providing valuable exposure to all of its essential early learning content.

Waterford UPSTART is used at home and also provides qualifying families with computers and Internet access as needed. WEL: SmartStart is used in school settings and is paired with a core curriculum and easy-to-use Teacher's Guide.

Here's a list of links that contain answers to common questions while using WEL: SmartStart:

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