Teacher Reports

Viewing Reports

To select and view a report in Waterford Reading Academy:

  1. Log in to Waterford Reading Academy and visit the Reports tab.
  2. Choose the Curriculum that you would like to view the report for (Early Reading, Early Math & Science, SmartStart, or Assessments).
  3. Select the students or class that you would like to view within the report.
  4. Click on the report that you would like to view.

The report will now load in the same window for you to view.

Class Reports

Completion displays a monthly count of the number of students in each location by curriculum segment, with a drilldown of individual students within each section.

Check Placement shows a quick overview of the class performance on assessments within Waterford programs.

Progress shows student progress towards their achievement goals, mastery percentage on objectives encountered, placement level, and current level.

Area of Difficulty provides a list of students who scored below mastery for each objective within the past 45 days.

Usage displays school and home usage totals per month.

Weekly Scores displays student scores for each instructional strand, with scores below 80% highlighted.

Student Reports

Objective Details displays a list of all objectives encountered by a student. It also shows recommendations for targeted student instruction.

Area of Difficulty provides a list of objectives where an individual student scored below mastery within the past 45 days.

Check Placement shows student performance on individual assessments within Waterford programs.

Weekly Progress shows progress towards a student’s achievement goals, including their highest and lowest scores per week.

Assessment Reports

Benchmark Results displays individual scores by domain; student performance; and class, school, or district averages.

Individual Results displays detailed individual scores by domain, along with recommendations based on performance and other information about the domain being tested.

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