Reports Tab

By clicking on the Reports tab, you can view student reports by school, class, and benchmark start/end date.

Selecting a Report

To select a WACS report:

  1. Select your School and Class from the dropdown lists.
  2. Select a benchmark start and end date.
  3. Click Open Reports.

Current Report Information

WACS currently provides one classroom report, which is color-coded based on individual student scores. It lists all students in alphabetical order and displays the following information by class:

  • Test Date
  • Score
    • Lists each student’s score on individual skill sets as well as their Overall Score
    • The Score Key in the right hand corner displays the following information:
      • Score color code
        • Green: At or Above Expected
        • Red: Below Expected
      • Conversion of numerical scores to grade level
        • WACS scores may range from 1000-7000, or PreK Beginning to 4th Grade Advanced
  • Average Score
    • This section displays the average score on a skill set for all students in the same grade on the District, School, and Class level for comparison to individual students or your entire classroom
  • Expected Score
    • The Expected Score row displays the score students should reach, based on their grade level and benchmark period, for a certain skill set
The Expected Score may be blank if the skill set is either above (PreK) or below (K-2nd) a classroom’s grade level.
  • Highest and Lowest Possible Score for each skill set
A dash means that the student was not tested on that skill set. The majority of students will have at least several dashes on their score chart.

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