Setting Up a WACS Test

Once you’ve assigned your students to a benchmark and initialized their accounts, they can begin the WACS test. To set up a WACS test for your student:

  1. Visit Students tab and click Drag to Desktop. This will open up to a student walk-up page similar to Waterford Early Learning, with rows of student picture or initials (if no picture is available).
  2. Click on the student’s picture or initials. A window will open that asks, “Is this you?”
  3. Choose Yes to confirm the student’s identity – this will automatically start WACS.
Students must be initialized before they can take the test. If not, after confirming, the test will redirect them back until they have been initialized.

Test Breaks

On average, WACS sessions take approximately 20-30 minutes. You can adjust the time limits for test breaks for your class or individual students.

If a student does not finish their test by the time limit, Wyatt tells them to take a break and the program temporarily shuts down. The student can access the program later  to finish the test, but they must complete it within 14 days.

If a student does not complete a test by day 14, it expires and their teacher cannot view their score. The student must be reassessed at a later benchmark.

WACS only gives students 14 days to finish their tests because after that time, a student may have learned new literacy skills or seen external sources, so the test won’t be an accurate assessment.

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