WACS for Waterford UPSTART Parents

Introduction to WACS for Parents

Before your child starts Waterford UPSTART, they may need to take the Waterford Assessment of Core Skills (WACS). This assessment measures your child’s academic skills at the beginning of the program and at the end of the year.

Your child will complete the WACS twice: once before they start using Waterford UPSTART and once after they’ve finished the program. 

Preparing to Start a WACS Session

Before you start a WACS session, you should have:

  • A computer with an internet connection and a mouse
  • A quiet room without any distractions (or headphones for your child to wear that can plug into the computer)
  • A WACS code from the email we sent

Choose a time when your child will have 30 uninterrupted minutes to concentrate on the test. 

Starting a WACS Session

To start a WACS session:

  1. Click on the login link we sent you in an email. This will take you to the WACS login page.
  2. Enter the code for your child included in the email.
  3. Click Submit. This will send you to a page with your child’s name and the caption Is This You?
  4. If that is your child’s name, click the green checkmark.

This will start your child’s session.

If your child’s name is not shown on the screen, contact Waterford Support by emailing support@waterford.org.

Supporting Your Child as They Take the WACS Test

WACS uses interactive questions and fun, engaging animation to keep your child’s attention. It’s equipped with audio instruction and easy navigation to help your child take the assessment with minimal help.

You should sit next to your child for the duration of the program, but please do not help them answer any of the WACS questions. It is normal for children to get to sections that are too difficult. Encourage your child to do their best to figure out the answer, and if they get stuck, let them know it’s okay to pick whichever option they like best.

Continuing and Finishing the WACS Test

Most children complete WACS in about 20 minutes. The session will time out at 30 minutes. If that happens, refresh the pages and start the session again using your WACS code. Your child will pick up right where they left off after they’re logged in.

You know your child has finished WACS when a sheriff’s badge appears on the screen. 

Accessing WACS Results

We will email your child’s WACS results to you each time they take the assessment. 

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