Assigning Courses to Multiple Students

To assign courses to multiple students in a class:

  1. Log in to Waterford Manager and visit the Students tab.
  2. In the left menu, select a class.
  3. Under the class name, click Courses.
  4. This will redirect you to a list of your students. Click the box in the table header to select all students or click on student boxes individually to assign only some students.
  5. Click Add. This will send you to a pop-up box.
  6. Select each course that you would like to assign to this group of students.
Students assigned to WEL: SmartStart may not be assigned to any additional courses.
  1. Adjust the session time from the default if needed, then click OK.
You must have open course licenses to assign courses to students. Course licenses can only be managed by administrator accounts.

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