Introduction to Waterford Manager

Waterford Manager is a desktop tool where teachers and administrators can view and manage student, classroom, or school usage for Waterford programs:

  • Waterford Reading Academy
  • Waterford Early Learning: Reading (WEL: Reading)
  • Waterford Early Learning: Math & Science (WEL: Math & Science)
  • Waterford Early Learning: SmartStart (WEL: SmartStart)

Waterford Manager for Administrators

School and district administrators can perform the following tasks in Waterford Manager:

  • First-time setup
  • Import student, class, and staff accounts
  • Sync Waterford Manager to your SIS with Clever
  • Enable Home Access
  • Manage student and teacher licenses
  • Determine usage goals and set the school year and other school or district settings
  • Perform all tasks available for teachers except creating and editing playlists

Waterford Manager for Teachers

Teachers can perform the following tasks in Waterford Manager:

  • Create Waterford student accounts
  • Add and delete classes
Your administrator may limit your access to your class only. If this is the case, you will not be able to add or delete classes.
  • Assign courses
  • Add custom assignments
  • Manage student sessions
  • Search activities
  • Create and edit playlists
  • View data in reports and dashboards

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