How Session Time is Calculated in Waterford Early Learning

Student session times can be set from 12- to 30-minute daily sessions. There is no need to set a timer, teachers!

When the time is up, Waterford will automatically end the session once the student completes activity they’re working on and clicks the Go-on arrow. If the student exits the program before clicking the Go-on arrow, the student’s progress and time will be recorded only up to the previous completed activity—the last time the Go-on arrow was clicked.

The Go-on arrow appears at the end of each activity. When it's pushed, it records the students' session progress and time.

When 0 minutes left for this session is displayed at the bottom of the screen, the student has reached their last activity. Waterford continues running until the student completes this last activity and the Go-on arrow appears. When the student clicks the Go-on arrow, the student’s session will end, and a stop sign appears

When a student pauses the session or the Please ask your teacher for help screen appears, session time will continue to count down even though the student’s usage time stops accruing. If a student completes their entire session but you notice the time recorded is lower than their daily goal, this means that at some point in their session the student either paused or encountered the Please ask your teacher for help screen.

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