Get Started

Get Started

2.Welcome to Waterford

In this section, find classroom resources:

  • Computer literacy lessons
  • Quick reference guides for administrators and teachers
  • Quick start guide for first-time users


2.1.Quick Start and Quick Reference Guides

Get up and running with Waterford Early Learning, Classroom Advantage, and Waterford SmartStart with these quick start guides. Save or print for easy offline access.


Quick Guide for First Time Users


Quick Guide for Waterford Early Learning for iPad


Quick Reference for Teachers


Quick Reference for Admins

2.2.Computer Literacy: Mouse

Use this lesson to teach your students how to use a mouse.

2.3.Computer Literacy: Number Keys

Use this lesson to help introduce your students to the number keys.

Though a 10-key number pad is not required to use our software, several activities in Waterford Early Learning’s first and second grade math curriculum encourage students to use the keypad in speed-based games. The Number Keys lesson helps student practice using the 10-key number pad or the number bar.

3.Welcome Video for K–2 Students

These videos introduce students to Waterford Early Learning, our K–2 curriculum.

3.1.Welcome to Waterford Early Learning (English)

3.2.Welcome to Waterford Early Learning (Spanish)

4.Welcome Video for PreK Students

Introduce PreK students to Waterford SmartStart, our adaptive online learning software designed for four-year-olds.



4.1.Welcome to SmartStart (English)

4.2.Welcome to SmartStart (Spanish)

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