Rostering District Information Using Clever

Your district’s Clever administrator can connect the app with Waterford Reading Academy to synchronize district rostering information. If you are a Clever administrator, use the steps below to add the Waterford app to Clever and sync rostering information.

If you need any assistance while syncing the Waterford app with Clever, call the Waterford technical support line at 877.499.7997 or request a video meeting.

At this time, educators including paraprofessionals can only be assigned to a maximum of 20 classes. If an educator needs to be assigned to more, contact the Waterford support team for options.

Enabling Data Sharing Between Waterford and Clever

Follow these steps to connect with Waterford Support and enable data sharing between Waterford and Clever:

  1. Log in to your Clever administrator account.
  2. Visit the Clever App Store and enter “Waterford Reading Academy” in the search bar.
  3. Add the Waterford Reading Academy app with the following icon:
screenshot of the Waterford Reading Academy Clever app icon

Once Waterford Support approves the sharing request, you will be able to set rules for sharing in the Clever app.

Setting Sharing Rules within Clever 

The next step is to set sharing rules within Clever that align with the Waterford Reading Academy app. Follow these steps to set or adjust sharing rules:

  1. Log in to your Clever administrator account.
  2. Click on the Waterford Reading Academy app from your homepage to visit its App Overview page.
  3. From the App Overview page, select Edit Sharing under the Shared Data box.
  4. Select Custom Share by Section to confirm your choices.
  5. Select Share By Rules and set your Clever sharing rules to the following guidelines:
  • Only students who will be using the program should be shared with Waterford.
  • Each class or section in Clever should have only one teacher enrolled.
  • Teachers can only be enrolled in one school.
  • Each student should only be enrolled in one class, such as homeroom or an attendance class. If students don’t have a homeroom class: identify a universal class that all students using the program are enrolled in which has the same teacher who will be administering Waterford Reading Academy, such as English or Reading.
  • If students need to be identified by criteria other than class, such as intervention, the Clever Administrator will be required to create a custom section in Clever or in the SIS.
Waterford's recommended sharing rules are guidelines, rather than universal requirements for all district configurations. 

Verifying Rostering Data

Once the sharing rules have been set, verify that the data being shared meets the following criteria: 

  • The total number of Schools and Students matches what should be shared with Waterford Reading Academy.
  • Students are enrolled in only one class each.
  • Only grades that will be using Waterford Reading Academy should be shared.
  • Classes have only one teacher enrolled, with no secondary teachers.

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