Understanding License Assignment Methods in Waterford Reading Academy

Before students can use Waterford Reading Academy, they must have a valid license assigned. When a course is assigned to a student, the program checks to see if the student already has an active license. If they do not, Waterford will then check available licenses and attempt to assign one to that student. 

There are three license assignment methods the program checks in a specific order to determine if there are available licenses and how the license should be assigned:

  • School-purchased licenses: licenses that have been purchased for a specific school and are therefore only able to be distributed to students at that school
  • District-reserved licenses: licenses that have been purchased by the district and set aside to be used at a specific school
  • District-unreserved licenses: floating licenses that have been purchased by your district but have not been reserved for any specific schools across the district

If there are no available licenses to assign to a student from any of these methods, you will receive an error message indicating that the course assignment was unsuccessful, with recommended next steps.

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