Updating Your Program Start and End Date for a New School Year (District Administrators Only)

Before your students can use Waterford curriculum this year, you need to update the program start and end dates for your district.

Follow the link here to find the five steps you’ll need to complete to prepare your district for a new school year with Waterford.

To update your reporting parameters:

1. Log in to your Waterford account and visit the Organizations tab.

2. Select the View button next to the school or district for which you would like to change your program date range.

3. Scroll to the Program Start Date and Program End Date calendar menu bars. Adjust both to your school or district’s start and end dates for the school year.

4. Select Save to confirm your choices.

Program Start End Date GIF

The reporting parameters for your district will now reflect the date range for the current school year.

After changing the program start and end date, reporting data from last year will no longer be available to view.

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