Release Notes 12.16.2020 released an automatic software update on December 16, 2020. See the list below for update details. If you have any questions or feedback, our Support Team is always happy to help.


Updated: Waterford Mentor Usage Cards

 Affects: Waterford Mentor

We updated the cards featured in the Usage tab of Waterford Mentor. The blue circle around the minutes per day makes it easier to see. To simplify the information, we removed the seconds per day from this card.

screenshot of Waterford Mentor usage cards
District and School Reports Now Available in Waterford Reading Academy 

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

There are two school and district reports now available on Waterford Reading Academy:

  • Completion
  • Usage

Previously, these reports could be accessed in Waterford Manager. 

New Feature: Impersonate Button

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

We added a new feature to the Staff and Students tab in Waterford Reading Academy: the impersonate button. 

This button lets district administrators view information and perform actions from the view of a specific student or staff user.

screenshot of the Impersonate button found on the Staff and Students tab


At this time, the button is not available for teachers or school administrators. It is only accessible to district administrators.

 Added New Filter and Sort By Features in Waterford Reading Academy

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy 

We’ve included two new ways to sort information in Waterford Reading Academy: the Schools filter and Sort By feature.

The Schools filter is available in the Dashboards, Reports, Staff and Students, and Courses and Goals tabs. You can use this filter to see information that relates only to a specific school.

screenshot of Waterford Reading Academy filter bar

The Sort By feature is available in the Dashboards and Courses and Goals tabs. You can use this feature to sort information by categories like family name, level progress, or goal status.

screenshot of the Sort By feature

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