WACS Reports

Two WACS reports are available within Waterford Reading Academy: the classroom Benchmark Results report and the individual Student Performance report.

To access both reports: visit the Reports tab, filter to Assessments in the Curriculum menu, and select either class (Benchmark Results) or student (Individual Performance) view.

Individual Performance

The Individual Performance report displays a student’s ability within each reading skill tested during the benchmark, with definitions and reasoning for each skill. If a skill was not tested, the area will be greyed out with the words Not Tested.

This report also provides teaching recommendations based on the student’s performance, which can be shared with families and used to inform instruction.

Benchmark Results

The Benchmark Results report displays student scores for a whole class within all reading skills tested. It also shows for each skill:

  • Highest possible score
  • Lowest possible score
  • Expected score
  • District average
  • School average
  • Class average

Scores that are below the expected score are highlighted in orange to help teachers pinpoint areas of weakness.

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