Resources and Activities

The Resources and Activities tab displays resources, learning tips, and other educational activities for your child's courses. You can filter these materials and view them as a digital resource or PDF, which you can then download or print as desired.

Filtering Resources and Activities

You can filter materials on the Resources and Activities by the following categories:

  • Subject
  • Level
  • Resource
  • Instructional Strand
  • Language
screenshot of the Resources and Activities tab filter

Viewing an Activity

By viewing activities on the Resources and Activities tab as PDFs, you can download them or print them on your computer. To view an activity:

  1. Log in to your Mentor account and visit the Resources and Activities tab.
  2. Scroll or filter to your desired activity.
  3. Select the View button.
GIF showing how to view an activity

This will redirect you to the resource if it is digital, or a viewable PDF of the activity if it is printable. You can then download or print from your computer.

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