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Reminder: Review Waterford System Requirements

 Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor

Families and educators can now review Waterford program requirements in support of any decisions you may be making to acquire new systems. Make sure your devices align with all requirements to ensure your students have an optimal learning experience:

Visual Prompts Added to Go On Button for Students

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart

activity screenshot
activity screenshot

When encountering the Go On Button after repeating instructions in Waterford activities, students will notice new visual prompts. The green arrow that appears at the end of activities in the bottom right corner will now animate to help students know where to select to move on.

Bessie Coleman Book and Accompanying Resources

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor

Teach students about trailblazing aviator Bessie Coleman while practicing key reading skills! Families and educators can access the Reaching Above: The Bessie Coleman Story book (available in English and Spanish), featuring newly updated text and illustrations to align with Waterford’s inclusive excellence standards.

Bessie Coleman book cover

Educators can use the accompanying Class Activity sheet to engage students with the book’s message and practice communication skills. Families can use the Reading Together sheet, available in English and Spanish, for engaging activities that fit easily within daily learning routines.

Educators and families can find these new resources through the Resources & Activities tab in their Waterford account.

More Math and Reading Resources for Educators and Families

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor

Practice reading skills at home and school with guided activities! Educators and families can access Class Activity and Reading Together resources for the following Waterford books:

The Courage to Learn

The Snow Lion

I Met a Monster 

All family Reading Together resources are available in English and Spanish. Families and educators can find these new reading resources in the Resource & Activities tab.

Plus, educators can access new resources aligned with state standards to teach ordinal numbers skills at the Pre-, Basic, and Fluent Math levels. These are accessible in the Resources & Activities tab.

Educator Resources

activity screenshots

Student Resources

activity screenshots

Updates to Six Instructional Waterford Videos

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor

As students learn math and reading skills, they will notice updates to six instructional Waterford videos with higher resolution and up-to-date images:

Sheep (Pre-Reading & Pre-Math & Science)

sheep activity screenshot

Words in Your World (Pre-Reading & Pre-Math & Science)

words in your world activity screenshot

Big Little Animals (Pre-Reading & Pre-Math & Science)

big little animals activity screenshot

Farm Animals (Basic Math & Science)

farm animals activity cover

Large / Small Toys (Pre-Reading & Pre-Math & Science)

Large/Small Toys activity screenshot

Ecosystems (Basic Math & Science)

Ecosystems activity screenshot

Improved Tablet Functionality for 24 More Waterford Activities

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart

Waterford is continually optimizing digital activities to craft a better tablet experience for users. Updates to some activities include: a more modern, refreshed look and feel, enhanced audio updates, and new Spanish language support. Waterford strives to improve digital activities to encourage increased use and drive learner engagement.

Digital Activity Update Progress: 33% of all activities have been updated (up from 30% in February 2024)

In addition to tablet optimization, users will notice visual and/or audio updates to the following activities:

  • What Comes Next
  • Big/Little, Tall/Short, and Heavy/Light Introductions
  • Spelling Scramble: New Introduction Videos
  • Math Certificate Videos
Waterford activity before/after screenshots

Enhancements to Waterford Upstart Mobile Enrollment

Affects: Waterford Upstart

Families and child care providers enrolling their children in Waterford Upstart on the mobile site will enjoy a clearer, more streamlined process. The child menu in the Enrollment tab is now labeled and will include text to clarify which child is being enrolled.

enrollment tab screenshot

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