Removing Associations

The Remove Associations tool removes class and student associations to reflect new teacher and student assignments. It also disconnects licenses from students in the previous year so your district can start next year with an accurate license count.

Removing associations will not erase learning data collected throughout the year, including dashboards and reports, and will not erase SmartStart data.

It also will not reset placement exams. To reset placement exams, follow the link here. We recommend resetting placement exams before removing associations to avoid complications.

This tool is strictly for end-of-year clean up. It should only be used once annually to clear data in preparation for the next year.
You can view the last time this tool was successfully performed from the Organizations tab (main or sub-tab) or the Remove Associations sub-tab.

To remove all associations:

  1. Log in to your account and visit the Organizations tab.
  2. Choose Remove Associations. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Type REMOVE in the required form and select the red Remove button.
Placement GIF

This will place you in the Remove Associations queue. You can track progress from the Organizations tab.

Once finished, you can add new school and class information manually or import the information to prepare for next year.

Be mindful about beginning the Remove Associations process. Once it has been removed from the queue and started, it cannot be undone.

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