Resetting Placement Exams

District administrators can reset placement exams for their full school district. This is typically done after a long break to reassess where students are in the program. The students will take another placement exam and will be placed at the appropriate level.

Resetting placement exams will unassign students from their current placement in Waterford curriculum, allowing them to retake the placement test next school year. It will not erase learning data collected throughout the year, including dashboards and reports, and will not erase SmartStart data.

It also will not remove course and teacher assignments. To remove those, you will need to remove associations (link).

You can view the last time this tool was successfully performed for any date past June 14, 2023 from the Organizations tab (main or sub-tab) or the Resetting Placement Exams sub-tab

To reset placement exams for all students in a district:

  1. Visit the Organizations tab.
  2. Scroll to End-of-Year Tools and choose Reset to Placement. A pop-up window will appear, where you can review the last time placement was reset and begin the process.
  3. Select the courses that you would like to reset placement exams for (Reading and/or Math and Science).
  4. Type the word RESET into the required box and choose Reset to Placement to confirm your choices.
Placement GIF
This action cannot be undone and is only available on a district-wide level at this time.

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