Creating Custom Playlists

You can create custom playlists to arrange activities in an order you prefer. To create a custom playlist:

  1. Choose the My Playlists view on the Resources & Activities tab.
  2. Select the blue Create Playlist button. You will be redirected to a new window.

  1. Add a name and description for the custom playlist.

  1. Select the + button between the Start and Stop bars to add an activity. A pop-up window will appear.

  1. Search for the activity that you would like to add to your playlist using the filters and search bar.
The text you enter to search will not stay in the search field once you select enter. After you select enter the search is retained above the search box (e.g. Phonics> PreK> P).

  1. Choose the blue Add button when you have found the activity you would like to include in your custom playlist.

  1. Use the + buttons above and below any selected activities to add more activities to your custom playlist. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have added all of the activities you would like to include in this playlist.
    Activities range in time from two to five minutes. suggests a playlist should not exceed ten minutes and contain five or less Digital Activities. You can drag and drop any added activities to change their position in the playlist sequence.

You can also remove activities from the playlist by selecting the blue icon on the right side of the activity as you build your playlist. Then, you can choose Remove from Playlist.


  1. Add a description if desired. Choose Save once you have finished creating your playlist.

Once you save your playlist, it will automatically appear in your My Playlists list.

You can now assign the playlist to your students or share it with other educators in your district.

You can edit a custom playlist as needed later by clicking on the View Contents option from the menu bar to the right of the playlist.

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