Viewing a Resource

Once you have found a resource, you can read more about the content (curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment) by clicking on the View More button. To the right of the resource name, you can also view the format (Digital Activity or PDF Resource) and additional information like skills taught or recommended grade level.

To preview a resource, select the View button to the right of the name. This will launch the activity in your browser for you to preview before assigning to a student or classroom.

To preview a playlist, select View Contents. This will redirect you to a new page with the following information:

  • Playlist name
  • Number of activities and location in sequence
You can click on any activity to view specific information about it.
  • Description
  • Skills taught

You can also choose Launch to preview the full playlist as it will appear to your students in your browser.

screenshot of the Resources and Activities tab

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