Guidelines for Using Headphones in Waterford Reading Academy Sessions

Using headphones in a classroom setting can help students focus on instruction and minimize distractions. However, headphones can pose some challenges with certain devices and operating systems. To ensure a smooth classroom experience, follow these tips on headphone use with Waterford Reading Academy.

When launching Waterford Reading Academy, clear all other applications and tabs on the device. Make sure to inspect your headphones periodically to identify shorts or bad connections. The signs of a short or bad connection include:

  • Crackly audio
  • No audio from one side
  • No audio at all when inserted into the device

Insert the headphones before launching a Waterford Reading Academy course. If you insert or remove the headphones during playback of an activity, you may experience loss of audio or poor audio quality. 

If headphones must be inserted or removed during an activity, pause the activity while making the changes.

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