Introduction to the Student Homepage in Waterford Reading Academy

If your students are accessing Waterford on a tablet, you will need to update the Waterford app to see the new learner homepage, Courses, and Assigned pages. 

Starting in January 2024, the Waterford cast of characters will warmly welcome students to their account after they log in. Most students will notice a prominent blue Courses tile to start their regular learning session and a green Assigned tile for assigned activities and playlists.

new homepage

It's important to note that there will be no alterations to the login process. Students will continue to use SSO, QR codes, or their username and password.

Once a student selects the blue Courses tile, they will notice Scout Squirrel will consistently represent the Reading course in a purple tile. Teo Turtle and Cora Cardinal will represent the Math & Science course in a light blue tile. Finally, Rosy Raccoon will represent the SmartStart course in a red tile. For Assessment, Wyatt Gopher will appear in an orange tile.

Students may need to scroll to see all courses assigned to them.

After selecting a course, students will seamlessly begin their session without disruption to their learning experience.

If students choose the green Assigned tile, they will be directed to a comprehensive view of all their assigned activities and playlists.

To see all of the activities and playlists assigned, a student can swipe up on the numbered tile on their tablet device or scroll up with their mouse or trackpad to all of the assignments.

The orange assigned tile is designated for Curriculet books.  The blue tile is designated for assigned activities and playlists.

In January 2024, every student will see the Assigned tile. If no activities are assigned, the block will be empty (see screenshot below). This temporary view will help students adjust to all of the options. In February 2024, if no activities are assigned, the tile will no longer be an option on the homepage.

To log out, students will click on their name.

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