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Teacher Tools Math Problem Replaced with a PIN

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

Need to access the Teacher Tools menu to troubleshoot activities or report a problem? Based on user feedback, educators can now use a PIN to open the Teacher Tools menu instead of solving a math problem.

The default PIN for all Waterford accounts is “4321.” Educators will be able to change this PIN to a custom four-number digit through the Profile tab.

Follow the links ahead for instructions on how to access the Teacher Tools menu and view or adjust your PIN.

This change only affects Waterford Reading Academy. Families using Waterford Mentor or Waterford Upstart from home will still solve a math problem to access this menu.

Teacher Tools PIN screenshot

Updated Activity Series: Sing Around the World 

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

Teach your students letter-sound recognition skills with engaging songs! The updated Sing Around the World series for lowercase letter recognition is live in Waterford Reading Academy. With enhancements to instruction and authenticity, these songs highlight various cultures and countries.

Each song includes an instructional introduction that highlights the target letter, identifies the language and the country featured in the song, and shares a fun fact about the relevant culture. All songs in this series begin with an intro to provide background knowledge about the song to the learner.

The entire Sing Around the World series is also available on the Youtube channel.

Sing Around the World screenshot
Sing Around the World screenshot

Multi-Select Feature Now Available for Playlists

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

When creating a new playlist or adding activities to existing playlists, educators can now select more than one activity from the search window at a time. With this feature, playlists can be built faster and more efficiently.

Adding Activities screenshot

New and Updated Instructional Songs and PDF Books

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart, Waterford SmartStart

We have added even more resources and activities to teach students key literacy skills! Six new instructional songs are available within the Waterford curriculum sequence— five in Early Reading and one in Math & Science:

  • ABC Song: ABC Jazz (Early Reading)
  • Old MacDonald Has Some Vowels (Early Reading)
  • Preposition Cat (Early Reading; seen as Position Cat in Early Math & Science)
  • More Than One (Early Reading)
  • Charley Chick (Early Reading)
ABC Song screenshot

A new PDF book is available in English and Spanish within the Resources & Activities tab and as an activity within the Waterford curriculum sequence.

  • Mine
    Mine picture book

Four new and updated PDF books are also available in English and Spanish within the Resources & Activities tab:

  • Defying Gravity: The Story of Mae Jemison
  • Jumbled
  • Magnifying Glass
Mae Jemison picture book

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