Using the Teacher Tools Menu to Troubleshoot Activities

If your student experiences trouble while using an activity, use the Teacher Tools menu to troubleshoot and report any issues. This will allow our team to identify existing trends and improve your Waterford experience.

To access the Teacher Tools menu, choose the Settings icon in the top right corner of the activity. You will be asked to enter your teacher PIN to prevent your elementary students from accessing this menu on their own. If your student is assigned to multiple teachers, you will also need to choose your name from the teacher dropdown bar.

For information on finding or changing your teacher PIN, follow the link here.

Once you have entered your PIN:

  • Exit (exit the current session and return your student to their Waterford homepage)
  • Skip (skip the current activity and move to the next one in the sequence)
  • Restart (refresh the current activity)
  • Report a Problem (report issues to Waterford Support)
    Settings icon screenshot
Teacher Tools PIN screenshot

Choosing the Skip button will give you the options to skip with No Score or skip with Full Score. If you chose No Score, the program will repeat the activity or a similar one to teach the concept again later. Choosing Full Score will give the student a 100% on the activity and progress them on to the next concept, which may affect skill development. Only choose Full Score if you know the student has developed the skill that the activity is teaching.

Choosing the Report a Problem button will first refresh the current activity. You will be redirected to a pop-up to report whether the refresh resolved the issue. If the issue persists, select No and fill in any details using the dialogue. Then choose Send to submit this report to our teams.

Teacher Tools screenshot

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