Release Notes 5.20.2020 released an automatic software update on May 20, 2020. See the list below for update details. If you have any questions or feedback, our Support Team is always happy to help.

Resources & Activities Tab Live for All Waterford Mentor Users

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Early Learning, Waterford Upstart

The Resources & Activities tab is now live for all Waterford Mentor users. Previously, this tab was only available for users with a child added to their account. Through this tab, users can access thousands of digital and printable learning songs, games, and activities to use at home.

screenshot of the Resources and Activities tab

School Sessions Can Now Launch through Waterford Mentor

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Early Learning

To streamline distance learning, families can now start Waterford Early Learning and Waterford Reading Academy sessions from Waterford Mentor by clicking the Start Session button. This feature was only available for Waterford Upstart users until this update.

screenshot of the launch buttons for a student's Waterford courses

Families who were previously launching sessions from or their Waterford Early Learning bookmark can still do so. This new feature does not replace the first option; it simply offers an easier and more streamlined alternative. 

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