Splitting an iPad Keyboard for Improved Waterford Activity Gameplay (Waterford Mentor Families)

As Waterford continuously strives to improve the designs of our digital learning activities for a better gaming experience on tablets, early learners may occasionally encounter an activity where text entry from the tablet’s keyboard is needed. Sometimes, especially on iPads, the tablet’s keyboard overlays on top of the text area the child is attempting to complete.

To resolve this issue, the iPad comes with a feature that enables you to split the keyboard for better visibility and access to entry fields. To use this feature:

  1. Tap on the text field in the digital learning activity to make the iPad keyboard appear.
  2. Press and hold the keyboard button in the lower right corner to show the options menu. Select Split.
  3. To undo the split keyboard, press and hold the keyboard button. Select Merge.

Below is an example of one Waterford activity that has a text entry field, showing how the split keyboard enables the child to keep the field visible while entering text.

While we work to optimize the gaming experience for our digital activities, we hope highlighting native tablet features like this will help support usability.

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