Introduction to Student Completion & Scores Dashboards

As a teacher or administrator in Waterford Reading Academy, you can use the Completion & Goals dashboard to measure how well a student is mastering essential academic skills in their Waterford courses. Information on this dashboard is updated nightly.

To view this graph, visit the Dashboards tab and select the Students view. Then, select the Completion & Scores view to see individual student performance.

The Completion & Scores dashboard displays the following information:

  • Average score on key curriculum strands taught 
  • Objectives encountered, organized by curriculum strand
  • Objectives mastered, organized by curriculum strand
  • Overall numbers for average score, objectives encountered, and objectives mastered
  • Level Goal (denoted by a green star) indicating the student's end-of-year target level in the course

Each of the blocks represents a goal level, where you can see the student's mastery of the strands within that goal level. 

Student Completion & Scores dashboard screenshot

In this example dashboard, the end-of-year target level is set to Pre-Reading 1. The student is currently working towards mastery of Pre-Reading 3, as they are encountering objectives within that level.

Through the dashboard, you can infer that the student has not yet encountered any objectives in the Fluency strand, and that those objectives will not be encountered until the student is working towards mastery of Basic Reading 3.

 As noted in the Waterford refresh rate guidelines, Waterford dashboards update within ten minutes.

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