Introduction to Waterford Mentor

Waterford Mentor is a web manager and companion mobile app for Waterford Early Learning, Waterford UPSTART, and Waterford Early Learning: SmartStart. It allows parents or caregivers to track their student’s curriculum usage and achievements.

As of right now, Waterford Mentor is available on early access to teachers who have requested it. You can request early access for your school or class here.

If you'd like a full PDF of the Waterford Mentor Help Guide to download or print, click here.

How Waterford Mentor Works

Teachers provide a Mentor Code to the parents or caregivers of every student in their classroom. This code allows parents to link their Waterford Mentor account to their student’s information.

After downloading the app to their device, parents can log in, link their student’s account, and access their student’s usage and achievement data from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Here is a list of links with answers to common questions to get you started in Waterford Mentor:

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