Additional Waterford Correlations

Alabama Math & Science K-2 Alternate Achievement Correlation September 2022.pdf

Alabama ELA Alternative Achievement K-2 Correlation September 2022.pdf

Appletree Institute PreK Correlation Waterford Early Learning Sep 2018.pdf

Assisting Students Struggling with Reading Correlation Waterford Programs Mar 2017.pdf

Assisting Students Struggling with Reading Correlation Waterford Reading Academy Feb 2021.pdf

Common Core K–6 Correlation Waterford Reading Academy Sept 2020.pdf

College and Career Readiness K-6 Correlation Waterford Reading Oct 2020.pdf

Core Knowledge Sequence K-2 Correlation Waterford Reading June 2021.pdf

DIBELS Next Correlation Waterford Reading 2016.pdf

Desired Results Development Profile (DRDP) PreK Correlation May 2019.pdf

Head Start Upstart Correlation February 2022.pdf

Head Start to WEL PreK Sequence Correlation July 2021.pdf

Heggerty to Waterford PreK Correlation June 2022.pdf

Heggerty Kindergarten Curriculum Correlation to Waterford Reading June 2022.pdf

Florida PreK STAR Correlation Waterford Early Learning July 2020.pdf

Florida PreK STAR Correlation Waterford SmartStart July 2020.pdf

KRA Correlation Waterford SmartStart Jun 2019.pdf

Maryland K-2 Wit & Wisdom Correlation Waterford Reading Mar 2020.pdf

Next Generation K–2 Science Correlation Apr 2021.pdf

NWEA MAP Skills K-2 Correlation Waterford Reading Mar 2021.pdf

Oklahoma K-2 Renaissance Correlation Waterford Reading September 2021.pdf

Oklahoma PreK-5 Renaissance Correlation Waterford Reading October 2021.pdf

Oklahoma PreK-2 Renaissance Correlation Waterford Math & Science October 2021.pdf

OWL PreK Correlation Waterford SmartStart Jun 2019.pdf

Scholastic PreK On My Way Correlation May 2022.pdf

Ready for Kindergarten—Maryland Early Learning Assessment Language and Literacy Framework Correlation Waterford Reading Jul 2019.pdf

R.I.S.E. Arkansas K–6 Correlation Waterford Reading September 2020.pdf

R.I.S.E. Arkansas Correlation Waterford PreK September 2021.pdf

R.I.S.E. Arkansas Upstart Correlation January 2022.pdf

Texas Social Studies TEKS K–2 Books Correlation September 2020.pdf

Teaching Strategies-GOLD Correlation Waterford PreK May 2021.pdf

Union County NC K-2 Correlation Reading, Math & Science Jan 2020.pdf

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