Searching for Resources

You can search for resources by product as well as view (All or My), category (New, Trending, Featured, Subject, or Resource Type) and the following filters:

  • Language
  • Subject & Strand
  • Grade Level
  • Skill Level
  • Resource Type
  • Activity Collections has hundreds of Playlists that are already aligned to specific core curriculums or state standards. To locate the list of current created playlists, select All Activities and use the keyboard to type and enter the term "Playlist Library" in the search bar. 

To search for a resource by name, select your desired view (All Activities, All Playlists, My Playlists). Next, use the keyboard to type and enter the name of the resource you are looking for in the search bar. If you are looking for a type of resource rather than a specific one, you can instead enter a phrase like “counting activities” or “reading playlists.”

You can clear any filters by clicking on the red Clear Filters button to the right of any filters you have added at the top of the tab.

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