Searching and Filtering in the Resources & Activities Tab

For a PDF guide on creating, assigning, and managing playlists, follow the link here.

You can search for resources by view (All or My), category (New, Trending, Featured, Subject, or Resource Type), and the following filters:

  • Language
  • Subject & Strand
  • Grade Level
  • Skill Level
  • Resource Type
  • Activity Collections
Resources & Activities filter screenshot

To find a resource using the Resources & Activities tab search bar, you can use one of the following options:

  • Generic Searching: Generic searching allows you to find relevant information based on your criteria. You can enter any combination of words or phrases without using quotation marks to get results that include any of the specified words. The search engine will return hits that match the individual terms you've provided, and they may appear in any order within the search results.
    • If you enter Blending Sounds, for example, you will receive results with every activity that has either of those words contained in the name or description
  • Phrase Searching: Phrase searching enables you to find exact matches for a specific phrase or sequence of words. To perform a phrase search, place your desired search term within double quotation marks (" "). This tells the search engine to look for the exact phrase as it appears within the quotes.
    • If you enter "Bossy Rr Sound: /ar/,” for example, the search will return activities that contain the exact phrase "Bossy Rr Sound: /ar/" and not activities that contain the individual words "Bossy," "Rr," "Sound," or "/ar/" scattered throughout the text.
  • Searching by Learning Objective: To inform group or individual assignments, you can search by learning objectives pulled from an Area of Difficulty or Objective Details report. Paste the learning objective name into the search bar to find activities and playlists related to that skill.
    • If you search "Demonstrate initial ability to match rhyming words,” for example, the search will return activities or playlists containing activities that teach or practice that skill.

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