Understanding the Objective Details Report as a Teacher or Administrator

Generating an Objective Details Report

To select and view an Objective Details report in Waterford Reading Academy:

  1. Log in to Waterford Reading Academy and visit the Reports tab.
  2. Choose Students under view.
  3. Choose the Curriculum that you would like to view the report for (Early Reading or Early Math & Science).
  4. Select the student that you would like to view within the report.
  5. Scroll to Objective Details Report from the list of reports and select Open.

The report will now load in the same window for you to view.

Reading an Objective Details Report

As a teacher or administrator in Waterford Reading Academy, you can run the Objective Details report to view a detailed breakdown of all objectives that a student has encountered within a given time frame and how they performed on those objectives. It also provides customized support recommendations for individual students.

This report groups the objectives by strands and provides additional details on each of the skills within that strand the student encountered. 

This report is available within the Students view of the Reports tab. The data shown on this report is refreshed hourly.

Objective Details report screenshot

This Objective Details example report provides a curated list of recommendations for Example Student. Below the recommendations, the report includes further details on the Phonics strand, including:

  • Learning Objectives: a specific learning objective the student encountered
  • Lesson/Objective: the lesson in which that objective was encountered
  • Attempts: the number of attempts the student made on that objective
  • Last Attempt: the date of the most recent attempt on that objective
  • Average Score: the average score of all the attempts made by that student for that objective
  • Last Score: the score of the most recent attempt on that objective

At the bottom of each strand is an Average Total Score. This number is calculated by taking the scores of all attempts and dividing by the total number of attempts. 

Use the arrows on the report to move between pages and view data for different strands, as well as to view data for additional students if you selected more than one student from the filter list while generating the report. 

In the example report above, notice that the student made only one attempt per each objective. Use this example scenario below will outline how this number is calculated if multiple attempts are made on an objective:

  • Suppose that a student encountered two objectives. They made two attempts on Objective 1, with their first score at 70% and their second score at 90%. They made one attempt on Objective 2, and their score was 100%. 70 + 90 + 100 = 260.
  • The total number (260) divided by the total number of attempts (total number of attempts) = 86.667, rounded up to 87%.
  • This student's Average Total Score is 87%.
As noted in the Waterford refresh rate guidelines, all Waterford reports update hourly.

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