3.6.2019 Release Notes

Waterford released an automatic software update on March 6, 2019. See what’s new in the list below. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help!

Classroom Dashboard Updates

Affects: Waterford Early Learning, SmartStart

We updated the Classroom Dashboard to let teachers view their students’ scores and usage data for the day. The new default date for the Classroom Dashboard will now be Today instead of Week.

screenshot of the Waterford Manager classroom dashboard

The Today dashboard will be updated at the beginning of every hour. Depending on your class size, it may take several minutes to display the updated scores. It will provide the following information:

  • Minutes: the number of minutes your student has spent on Waterford activities for the day
  • Student Score: the student’s score for any objectives completed that day
    • Each objective completed will have a separate score listed on the dashboard
  • Required Score: the minimum score required for a passing grade
    • If the student is at or above the Required Score, the dashboard will display a green circle by this category
    • If the student is below the Required Score, the dashboard will display a red circle by this category
  • Objectives Completed: a list of objectives completed by a student that day
    • Because many objectives encompass several activities, your students may not complete an objective every day

If a student has not logged in to their Waterford account that day, their scores will be represented by a dash.

We have also added a Calculation Date label to all dashboards that displays the next date the projection calculation will occur.

Lastly, we added a new status to all dashboards: Surpassing Goal. This status marks students who are projected to exceed their goal by the end of the goal period.

If your student’s status displays Surpassing Goal, consider raising their Level Goal to a more challenging level.

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