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Waterford Assessment of Core Skills (WACS) Now Available in Waterford Reading Academy

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

The WACS reading skills assessment is now available in Waterford Reading Academy through the Courses and Goals tab. This feature will allow you to measure student progress at crucial benchmarks throughout the school year.

screenshot of a WACS report
17 New Activities Available in Waterford Reading Academy

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

We released 17 new reading and social-emotional learning activity sets in Waterford Reading Academy, for a total of 190 learning experiences for students. The new activities are:

  • Welcome to Waterford
  • Print Concepts Introduction
  • Letters Introduction
  • Letter Match
  • Name Game
  • Vocab Choice
  • Puzzle Game
  • Nursery Rhyme Picture Stories
  • Phoneme Substitution Intro: Initial, Final, and Medial Sound
  • Phoneme Substitution 2
  • Phoneme Substitution 3
  • Vocab Picture Instruction
  • Vocab Definition Sentences
  • Vocab Picture Matching
  • Vocab Comprehension Sentences
  • I Can Calm Down
  • Family Photo Fun

Your students will encounter these activities as they progress through the program, or you can assign them directly through the Resources and Activities tab.

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