Release Notes 2.7.2024 will release an automatic software update on February 7, 2024. See the list below for details.

For questions, feedback, or more information, including system requirements, visit the Help Center.

Reminder: Update Student App to Version 2.3.0.

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

Waterford Reading Academy students have access to a brand-new homepage welcoming them with updated characters, simplified navigation, and tablet optimization. You can learn more about the new student homepage here.

If your students use tablets or mobile devices to access Waterford Reading Academy and you haven’t updated your student apps to version 2.3.0, now is the time to do so! Students will only see the redesigned homepage if their app is up-to-date.

Learn Why Minutes are Important in Waterford Upstart

Affects: Waterford Upstart

Discover why reaching usage minutes goals in Waterford Upstart leads to learning and growth! Families can access this new resource in English or Spanish by clicking on the link “Why are minutes so important?” ("¿Por qué son tan importantes los minutos?") below their child’s usage summary on their family account homepage.

why are minutes so important? link screenshot
why are minutes so important? resource screenshot

Improved Tablet Functionality for 32 More Waterford Activities

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart

Waterford is continually optimizing digital activities for a better tablet experience. Some activities now have a more modern, refreshed look and feel, while others have enhanced audio updates, or include new Spanish language support.

Digital Activity Update Progress: 30% of all activities have been updated.

In addition to tablet optimization, users will notice visual and/or audio updates to the following activities:

  • Story Sentences
  • Choose a Rhyme
  • Compare Characters
  • Numbers Practice & Assessment
  • Blending Dragon
  • Spelling Scramble Introduction Videos

updated activity screenshots before and after

Updated Colors and Character Designs for Course Cards

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

When assigning courses to students, educators will now see updated Waterford course cards featuring the new Waterford characters and color scheme as seen on the redesigned student homepage (featured here)!

course cards screenshots

New Program Usage & Milestones Resource

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

Track student usage, progress, and learning milestones all in one place! This resource includes monthly average learning path locations for PreK-2nd grade students, a clear visual representation of average end-of-year ranges, and details about the milestone skills that students will gain at each grade level.

Enter "Program Usage & Milestones" in the search bar on the Resources & Activities tab to access this new resource or follow the link here.

usage and milestones screenshot

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