Release Notes 4.21.2021 released an automatic software update on April 21, 2021. See the list below for update details. If you have any questions or feedback, our Support Team is always happy to help.

New Features: Student Level Dashboard and End Session Button

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

We added student dashboards for teachers and administrators, which were previously available in Waterford Manager, to accompany the existing individual summary section. Through these dashboards, you can see the following information for individual students:

  • Summary — Daily and weekly usage, objectives completed, and progression towards goal
  • Progress Graph — Progress and current trajectory towards individual student goals
  • Completion and Scores — How well a student is mastering essential learning skills practiced in Waterford curriculum

For detailed information on how to use these Dashboards, please visit our Help Site.

screenshot of student-level dashboards found in the dashboards tab

Teachers can also end an individual student’s session in Waterford programs by navigating to the menu to the right of a child’s summary dashboard and selecting End Session.

screenshot of a student dashboard

This feature is for individual students only and cannot be done on the classroom or school level.

Added: Allow Students Additional Opportunities to Take WACS

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

Teachers and administrators can now allow students additional opportunities to take the WACS assessment in Waterford Reading Academy. This feature is available within the Courses and Goals tab for classes or individual students.

Previously, students were only allowed to take the assessment one time within the benchmark period (Fall, Winter, and Spring). This will allow you to assign additional assessments within the benchmark period. 

Fixed Bugs and Issues:

  • We have fixed an error causing student sessions to reset without saving after a period of inactivity on tablets. Teachers will now receive a notification about the child’s inactivity in order to save the session.

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